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Our Story

Yanin's Story

Starting Point

To seek the word that has auspicious or good meaning was another step that was very important. The meaning of “THAN” is wealth and this was the last name that has been selected for setting up THAN company limited and has been founded since January 2007 with strong willing of “A” Nonpawip Aimteerakul and “Ying “ Pimonthip Jirachanchai.

Why Be the Cosmetic Business?

Due to the desire of having business that could bring happiness to the consumers, therefore the source of products that would response to their needs was aimed and we’ve fortuitously met with the excellent team of cosmetic research. Through the interesting discussion, we’ve been introduced of the unique Thai cosmetic products that have excellent quality equivalent to international level or much better than some other brands. THAN company limited finally made decision to deal business with them for producing the best quality cosmetics that could compete with international brands. Furthermore, our products must bring happiness to the Thai consumers with confidence that our cosmetics are one of the best products in the world.

Uncontrolled Obstacles

After self testing with formula’s development, it took about a year to create a set of product under the brand “THAN” following the company’s name. The set was composed of 6 products. Due to unforeseen problem, the production of this set was interrupted due to the name “THAN” that had been registered at the Ministry of Commercial by another company already and we were not allowed to use this name as stated on the laws’ regulations. This cost of damage wasn’t being able to evaluate because the production had been already on the run. Thus, the company had 2 choices for making decision; to discontinue or to continue. This question needed the answer and final decision.




To become “YANIN”

Due to our strong ambitious that has never give it up, we believed the things we’ve selected were the best and we stood on the right way. Hence the business operation kept on running. New brand has been selected from among 100 nominated names with the concept of having the Thai meaning but could be able to compete with international brands, too. It took us about a month to select the right name and walked into the Department of Intellectual Property to deal with it and then we finally got “YANIN” with the pronounce ya – nin.

YANIN means Literati and it became the brand name of our most outstanding cosmetic products that had been developed from previous sets such as Yanin Nano Lifting Facial Serum, Yanin Nano Soft & Silky Sunblock SPF60 and Yanin Nano Beauty Skin Soap. The products had been marvelous launched on 29th October 2007 on Thai Rat newspaper and YANIN promised to have its development continuously in order to bring happiness to the consumers.


Our Vision

To be the market leader of Thai cosmetic brand that is admired by the Thais and to be exported worldwide with the step ahead without stop.


Our Mission

To select the best things that can serve beauty and bring happiness to all “YANIN” customers.


About Logo

Since the creation of brand “THAN”, we trusted on excellent workmanship of the Thai designers who were expert in cosmetic business for over 20 years and they also

worked for YANIN brand’s concept. It took about a year to complete the logo design because of the complicate step beginning with the photos shooting of Thai drawings in the Grand Palace until they were input into the computer for creating different designs for selecting. We finally got YANIN logo that expressed the concept of being Thai with ability to compete with international competitors.

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